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About Vanessa Bernal

Vanessa Bernal joined the Real Estate industry several years ago, attracted by the main objective of satisfying her clients and has been building a solid foundation of clients through her advisory services.

Vanessa has a long record of successfully guiding local, national and international clients with their commercial and residential real estate acquisitions, and lease obligations, and as a member of the Real Estate Association of Miami in Florida, she has been working in the Real Estate industry, leading the growth of large organizations and overseeing real estate-revenue strategies.

As a broker, Vanessa specializes in applying her expertise and market knowledge to consistently exceed the investment needs of her clients and has established recognition between the best builders and developers of real estate projects in the city of Miami through her experience in the residential and commercial marketplace.

At present, Vanessa has strong residential and commercial real estate results and know-how that allows her to lead a specialized professional team in real estate that advice clients when it comes to selling, buying, renting or investing.

To Receive Personalized Advise on Buying, Selling and Management your New Home in Miami!.

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