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About BREC

Team or Board of Directors

Vanessa Bernal joined the Real Estate industry several years ago, attracted by the main objective of satisfying her clients and has been building a solid foundation of clients through her advisory services.

Vanessa has a long record of successfully guiding local, national and international clients with their commercial and residential real estate acquisitions, and lease obligations, and as a member of the Real Estate Association of Miami in Florida, she has been working in the Real Estate industry, leading the growth of large organizations and overseeing real estate-revenue strategies.

As a broker, Vanessa specializes in applying her expertise and market knowledge to consistently exceed the investment needs of her clients and has established recognition between the best builders and developers of real estate projects in the city of Miami through her experience in the residential and commercial marketplace.

At present, Vanessa has strong residential and commercial real estate results and know-how that allows her to lead a specialized professional team in real estate that advice clients when it comes to selling, buying, renting or investing.

Oswaldo Bernal joined the real estate industry in 2002, and in 2004 was working with the well-known company ISG in the administrative department for the renowned project called La Perla Ocean Residence located in Sunny Isles Beach, he’s been also part of many other projects with the same company, joining the sales team in the project called Alaqua located in the city of Aventura, which together with his sales team, the project was sold in only 6 months, ranking Oswaldo as one of the best sellers in the pre-construction industry. Since then, Oswaldo has been related in sales of important projects such as Biscayne Landing, Mediterranea, Downtown Doral 5350 and became a Top Producers for one of his latest projects called Metropica with more than 70 sales.

Oswaldo characterizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of a real estate transaction and has developed relationships and characteristics that led him to understand and know not only the local market but also the International one.

Today, together with BREC Realty Group, Oswaldo offers all his skills to get the best negotiations and conditions that satisfy every client. "The profit is not measured in the number of sales, it is measured in the number of satisfied customers".

About Us real estate company in Real Estate in Florida

BREC Company, is full-service real estate company with a trajectory of almost two decades, and a team of specialized advisors in Real Estate in Florida, working for the well-being and satisfaction of our clients, in addition to having a broad portfolio of the best and most prestigious projects in South Florida recognized worldwide.

The desire to buy a property for investment or pleasure, is just the beginning of a road full of important factors that are part of a purchase, that’s why at Brec, we are passionate about delivering exceptional consumer experiences. By offering a complete suite of real estate services, we ensure that we meet our consumers' needs. From the choice of the right property, rentals, sales and resales to mortgage counseling, new developments, legal process, accounting, property management, and immigration programs for investors, we have experts in every field to guide you skillfully from beginning to the end of your real estate journey, obtaining a maximization of your investment with the highest value and profitability for your property.

We have an international network that allow us to have presence in Venezuela, Colombia and South Florida, offering a broad range of specialist advisory, management and transactional services to local and overseas clients.

At BREC our team combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of specialist property sectors with the highest standards of client care.

Key Facts
- Our company offers the opportunity to new investors to have a foreign investment in real estate, which is stable, low risk and high profitability
- We seek out new markets and opportunities for clients, and take an entrepreneurial approach to delivering value
- We take great pride in delivering services of the highest quality
- We always go ‘the extra mile’ to meet our clients’ objectives

Our History

Our Company joined the real estate industry in 2000. In 2002, BREC partners started doing business with some well-known companies. Focused, since then to achieve excellent relationships with new and existing customers through the years.

BREC Timeline

- Oswaldo Bernal launches home-buying and selling services for projects in the City of Aventura in Miami, ranking Oswaldo as one of the best sellers in the pre-construction industry.

- BREC members became Mortgage Field Inspection Specialists.

- BREC Members became member of the Miami Association of Realtors.
- BREC Members became foreign national loan specialists in Florida.
- BREC Members became specialists in FHA and conventional loans.

- BREC Acquired experience and knowledge of the International Market.

- BREC launches a new web site

- BREC launches mobile app

Our Mission

To make the buying, rental and selling of real estate as personalized as possible maintaining the highest level of professionalism, providing accurate analysis and up-to-date information to constantly explore new ideas and technology, to make the customer’s experience better, faster, easier and cost effective.

“Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations”

Customer Service: We direct all our efforts toward our customers to satisfy their needs and expectations in a timely, and value-added manner.

Friendship: We do not limit ourselves only to the real estate process, we are counselors and friends of our customers and their families.

Beyond expectations: We face the hard work, taking care of our customer’s investment, making the journey for them as easier as possible.

Vision and Strategy

Our objective is to be the leader in commercial, retail and residential real estate. Helping our clients to make their dreams come true, with the least effort and the biggest return on their investment. To serve our customers' needs, we recognize the need to be flexible, tactical, and aggressive, both as individuals and as a company. We take our client’s needs as something personal, making their interests our own interests.

Corporate Responsibility

We know that corporate responsibility is integral to be a successful, and trusted brand.


Providing the highest standards of client care means bring personalized service before, during and after negotiation. That’s how our services exceed our client expectations. By delivering only the best results for our clients, we have become the leader advisor who promise total satisfaction and confidence.

BREC Realty Group has the advantage of having a unique insight into the property market, that allows our team to help the clients choose the right property and by helping clients to appreciate the environmental and social implications of their property decisions, we can achieve more together.

Business Ethics

We act with honesty and respect for other people and adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics both individual and corporate faces.


Our Company Environmental Policy is simple, we are practical, reducing print and taking care of wastage with recycling of paper products, shutting down computers and desktop devices. We are also implementing new technologies to create marketing and advertising resources as brochures, this is how we are reducing paper use, transport costs, and waste.

To Receive Personalized Advise on Buying, Selling and Management your New Home in Miami!.

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