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From the choice of the right property, rentals, sales and resales to mortgage counseling, new developments, legal process, accounting, property management, and immigration programs for investors.

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Choice of the Right Property

Based on the principle that the same property does not work for everyone, BREC Realty Group assures and brings to our customers all the necessary tools to select the correct property. Every wish, every purpose and every budget shape the strategic plan used by our specialists to adapt the property to your needs, not to adapt you to the property.

BREC has the experience, the knowledge and the wisdom to help you find your dream house.

With our professionalism at BREC, we can confidently guide you through the process and arm you with the information you need to be a well-informed buyer. All the possible options are available for you to adapt them to your wishes and needs, helping you to make the best decision.

What to Think About When Buying a Property:

Home is the most important purchase you’ll ever make, we at BREC are responsible for finding out the property that suits your needs, and for making the process of buying a house smoothly and trouble-free.

- Budget and preferences: Design, Location, Built or pre-sale, and Life Style.
- Investment for VALORIZATION purposes: After taking into consideration the area, the inventory, and the time in the Market, the Pre-Sales are perfect when it’s about valorization.
- Investment for PROFITABILITY purposes: If you are looking to have a constant income in US dollars, it is important that the property is located at a high demand but low offer area, and that it’s in good conditions to be rented.
- Investment for both VALORIZATION and PROFITABILITY purposes: Investing for capital valorization and stable income purposes, make this process to be a challenge, but we at BREC are experts on finding a property that fits both interests.


The way the purchase of a property is structured, affects directly to the profit as the legal process. Therefore, at BREC Realty Group we have a specialized team of attorneys to structure and guide our customers on every stage of the purchase.

How and What BREC’s Legal Team Offers to Our Customers

- Legal understanding of the process and documents
- Protection of the patrimony and name
- Possible waiver of succession process
- Business Structure, the process of registering a new business in the State of Florida must be a process made by an attorney. Although that a corporation can be formed by any person as accounting, or realtor, we at BREC recommend and provide you a professional service from an Attorney.  “It is not about how much you pay for, is how qualified the process is”.
- Structuring the company and obtaining all documents in accordance with the legal statutes of the State of Florida. These documents are called “Operating Agreement”, “Articles of Incorporation”, “Corporate Resolution” and stablish how the corporation is managed, the Partnership decision-making power, the shares distribution, and all the details about the corporation itself.

Accounting Services

BREC Realty Group is staffed by highly-specialized US tax professionals with strategies adjusted to your investment plan, reducing your tax rate and increasing your profit.

A single, and integrated supplier solution eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors and mitigates the risks associated with sharing confidential data.

Why Work with Our US Tax Professionals:

- The purchase of a property either for pleasure or investment, generates a tax expense. At BREC our clients have a qualified and experienced accounting advisor that ensures a fair and correct process for tax liabilities.
- We Identify on-going cost-saving opportunities: A correct tax management, allows our clients to get benefits either by cost deduction as well as decreasing the company's and personal tax expenses and higher profitability.

Mortgage Services

- At BREC we have specialized members in obtaining and processing the best mortgage programs that fit the purpose of every customer.
- At BREC we find the lowest interest rates available, looking for the most advantageous conditions for our customers, such as an increase of their cash flow that allows them to do several and different investments.
- We have experts to guide our customers from the beginning to the end of the mortgage process, making the experience the best and the easiest possible.
- We at BREC are foreign national loan specialists in Florida.

Property Management

BREC Realty Group are our client's right hand, and regardless whether our client lives or not in the city or country where the property is located at, our team of experts is responsible of managing every detail of the property.

Our vision at BREC Property Management is to put the power of excellence to work for you, transforming property management into a more successful and rewarding experience.

Our Commitment is to Take Care of Important Issues as:

- Periodic inspections to ensure the good condition of the property
- Payments and responsibilities regarding the property
- Fix and Repair the property to be in living conditions
- Renewing Lease Agreements
- Claims to insurance and maintenance companies
- Addressing all the concerns from tenants, being an immediate solution for any issue with the property
- Arranging a method for rent's payment, making sure that our clients have the peace of mind that their funds are received monthly without any inconveniences
“Our real interest, is the satisfaction of every client, and Our mission is to exceed their expectations”

Property Rentals

When the purpose of buying the property is to result in a periodic return, it is important for the investor to know that, if the rent stays stable then, the property will be profitable.
- At BREC Realty Group we take care of keeping our client's property rented as long as possible, and that's why we assure a qualified tenant's selection from the beginning of the process.
- BREC is responsible for the process of tenant's background check ensuring that there is no criminal record, the credit score report to verify payment habits, as well as the employment verification which must be demonstrable through solid income.
- Our team of advisors prepare the lease agreement to protect the interests of our clients.

Property Sales and Resales

When the perfect time comes, and the client is ready to sell the property, we at BREC Realty Group make this process as easier as buying, optimizing the marketing strategies, allowing our clients to get ready for a another investment with the same quality and good results.
- We at BREC take care of appropriately preparing the property to be sell and to obtain the highest return.
- We at BREC have both the Local and the International platform to be able to show and sell the property.
- We at BREC strives to improve communication between lenders, buyers, sellers, and all professionals involved in bringing a transaction successfully to closing.

New Developments
BREC Realty Group is pleased to find luxurious new communities in some of the most sought-after locations in South Florida. No matter the exclusive home designs, the styles to choose from, the region's top school districts or the areas for commuters that you are looking for, our members will work hardly to find the place thoughtfully constructed with your needs in mind.

By registering through our web site and downloading BREC’s app you will have access to explore the real estate market in South Florida, including the most prestigious pre-sale projects and the best real estate market opportunities.

We encourage you to explore the communities and to contact us if you are interested in a home or have any questions.

Immigration Programs for Investors

BREC specializes in advising clients on investments. BREC offers its clients a comprehensive service with access to different fields, conditions, cities, and prices depending on our clients’ needs.

We will refer to you several different attorneys that provide knowledge and experience necessary to assist you when facing legal procedures.

Real Estate Investment is a useful investment for the Immigration Program EB-5, based on several reasons:

The immigration program EB-5 is a system approved by the government of the United States where if you contribute with an Investment on a project that add value to the economy of the country by generating new jobs during the construction of the project and supplying a consumer’s need based on the type of business and service that will be obtained once the project is done, you can obtain the US residence for you and your family and live legally in the country.

The program provides a conditional RESIDENT status to foreigners (as well as their spouse and children under 21 years) who invest $ 1 million in projects that provide at least 10 full-time jobs for American workers. However, the investment can be $ 500,000 if the project is in a geographic area with a high rate of unemployment (TEA). This is an irregular geographic area, determined by the Census Bureau, in which the unemployment rate is equal to or greater than 14%.

Immigration Program EB-5 "Regional Center"
The Immigration Service created in 1993 within the category of EB-5, the figure of the "Regional Centers". Basically, these Regional Centers are private companies that have demonstrated to the immigration service that the projects they handle comply with the requirements of the program EB-5 (investment and job creation).

The advantage of investing in an approved “Regional Center” is that the foreign investor can invest the amount of $ 500,000 without actively managing the business or directly hiring the employees. That is, it is a passive investment in which the investor becomes a limited member of the “Regional Center”. The Regional Center then, is responsible for hiring the 10 employees for each investor or demonstrating the creation of jobs in an indirect manner.

Currently there are more than 850 Regional Centers approved throughout the United States. These vary mainly, in how the money invested is used, the annual interest on the investment, the way the invested capital is returned to the investor and finally how the 10 jobs are created and maintained for a minimum period of 2 years. It is important to note that the investor can withdraw the capital from the investment after a certain time, usually between 5 and 6 years depending on the Regional Center.

How to Demonstrate the origin of money
To obtain residence through an investment either individually or in a Regional Center, it must be demonstrated that the funds were obtained in a legal manner. In this sense, the capital to be invested must be from a verifiable source that is lawful and traceable; the investor must provide all the documents that prove the legality and origin of the money (heritage, tax returns, sale of a property, commercial transaction or savings for professional work, etc.). The Immigration Service is extremely strict in this regard and the investor must be willing to collaborate and provide all the necessary information in this regard.